Thursday, October 11, 2012

More "Me" on Yahoo! Voices

I've been writing more things for Yahoo! Voices. The latest two articles are The Balancing Act of Work, Family and Activities and Choosing Clothing for a Family Portrait.

You can find all my articles via my profile page. My views are picking up, which is totally great for me since I am trying to make this work as a writing outlet for me -- it's something I can really do while staying home with my little ones. It's fitting that the one article that has boosted my clout so much on this site is my Laura Ingalls Wilder piece. That is so symbolic for me, as she is one of my favorite writers ever. I feel there is some deeper meaning in this; it's encouragement to continue doing what I'm doing.

It's interesting that a few things have happened via my Yahoo! Voices contributions this week: I actually got three comments on my articles -- the first comments I have ever gotten, all within one day's span. I had an e-mail from Aldi wanting to use comments from an article. I actually got paid -- finally! -- because my views reached a certain number. And this week, after submitting the two articles above, I actually had really nice feedback from the editor who checked my work.

It may seem small, but these little things matter so much when you are a writer. Writing is a very solitary job -- sometimes too solitary. The littlest feedback telling you that you are on track, or doing well with your work, or helping a reader out, or making someone feel good, is like a ray of sunshine.

And now on to another talent in my family for which I still need to share the love: My husband co-produced and filmed this awesome "Call Me Maybe" video (link here or click below). I know I mentioned late last week in a post, but it's worth mentioning again! It features employees from Connecticut manufacturing companies lip-synching and dancing and working in their industries. The video was created in honor of Manufacturing Day/Month, and I think it is so incredibly fun and wonderful! It celebrates several "Made in CT" businesses, and that is a great thing: These companies are part of our national economy, and provide jobs in a time when that is a much-needed thing to cherish.

Everyone in this video is such a good sport. I hope it brings a smile to your face. (If the window below appears restricted to you, please take the time to click over to YouTube and view it!)

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  1. That video is very cute. I recognized a Kaynor student from when I used to work there... ;)