Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas Shopping

Great blog post by Money Saving Mom on shopping early for Christmas.

Yes, you read that right. Christmas shopping.

I've been Christmas shopping for months now. I already have gifts for the piano teacher, bus driver and religion teacher; and I've picked up things here and there for the kids. (Some of the "kid" things may be for the twins' birthday, which is in December. Not sure yet.)

I know it sounds crazy to be so focused on the holidays when Halloween hasn't even arrived yet, but the things I've gotten have been appropriate and priced just right. Some of them I even purchased with leftover gift cards from my birthday. I hold on to gift cards like gold. They come in handy when I need a little something, for me or someone else. And this case it was a few Christmas gifts that I spotted when my cash reserves were low!

I have a special place to keep my gift stash, but very soon I need to pull it out and organize it and make a master list so I can keep track of everything I have and everything I need.

There are so many decent deals out there right now on certain things. LEGO sets have been on sale at Toy R'Us and Target. Also, now is the time to pick up a "hot toy" before its gone! Some stores are even offering layaway plans so you can pay it off without a credit card little by little.

I'm also starting to make my own wish list of little thing I see, here and there, to pass along to my husband. I have a Pinterest board of cute holiday stuff to possibly make, bake or craft.

How cute is this little village?

It's all dollar store stuff. The great thing about this is that if you have little ones like me, and they break it, it didn't cost a fortune. You can just run out and get another house, spray it, and add it in the mix.

I'm ready to dig out the Christmas CDs and start listening.
Are you planning for the holidays yet? 

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