Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life, and Death

I'm not really posting today. I had a tiny post scheduled to go up yesterday, but it didn't for some reason, so I'll hold it off. We are currently battling some bug -- it's a nasty weird cold that is affecting every member of my family differently, between sore throats, runny noses, fevers, stomach issues, and one vomiting moment. Couple that with my obligations to job and volunteering and it's been one hell of a week.

But that said, it can't compare to the sadness felt by the family in my link below. If you go back and read this blog, your heart with break into a million pieces. Say a prayer for them and hold that little boy in your heart.

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  1. Although we haven't been sick here it's been a hectic week. I think it's mainly getting back in the swing of things after fall break. I can't believe it's only Thursday.

    I hope you are all starting to feel better soon.

    Thanks for sharing the link. Reading things like that really puts things into perspective.