Friday, October 5, 2012

Made in CT

My husband has been working crazy amounts of hours at his job, and the reason for his excessive hours away from home is the new video I'm sharing below!

The video was made in honor of Manufacturer's Month, and it celebrates Connecticut manufacturing companies. It's silly and fun, but it also showcases just a few of the businesses which contribute to the economy in our state and provide jobs -- in this election season we all know how that is a hot button issue! I'm proud that these business are still in our state (especially Munson's Chocolates -- let's just say "Yummy!" with a capital "Y!" The "samples" from that video shoot were so delicious!).

Take a minute to watch it and I'm sure it will put a smile on your face. I think my husband did a fantastic job, but then again, I'm biased :)

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