Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TWINS TUESDAYS: Feeding Toddler Twins on the Go

It's me and my kitchen shears again!
Toddler twins can create double trouble when eating out at restaurants or at a relative's house. Parents usually have their diaper bag full of diapers and sippy cups, but don't forget to include a few important necessities for feeding your pair on the go. Here are some things I often keep in my tote to make sure mealtime goes smoothly when I am out with my twins. 

Booster Seats 
Don't expect a restaurant (or a relative) to have booster seats, let alone enough booster seats for your duo. Keep your own portable chairs in the car. Kids will behave better if they can sit up at the table properly, and you will be able to relax if they are strapped into their own seats.
Go Disposable! 
Keep disposable paper bibs in your diaper bag to protect nice clothing while out at dinner. Baby wipes are also a must for cleaning off messy fingers and faces. Disposable place mats are also great for putting down on the table. The plastic protectors, which stick to the table, give a sanitary surface for food that slides off the plate or out of a bowl. Most disposable place mats also feature bright illustrations to keep toddlers' attention on the table.
Kitchen Shears 
Kitchen scissors are a necessity in my house for cutting up food as quick as possible for my hungry duo, so I make a point of packing them in my diaper bag too. By the time the food arrives at a restaurant, the tots will be extra hungry, and Mom and Dad's food will be hot. Make the job of prepping a kid plate faster by chopping food up with scissors instead of the restaurant's butter knife. Just keep the scissors out of reach of your toddler! Secure them with an elastic band in your diaper bag so little fingers don't manage to pry them open and try them out.
Small-sized Utensils 
Pack a plastic bag with a a fork and spoon for each twin, or purchase two sets of travel utensils, which slide in a special protective case. Restaurants usually do not have smaller utensils, and the twins will be able to eat efficiently with tinier tools in their small hands. Just don't forget to pack them up when the kids are finished eating, and remember to wash them when you get home.
A Distraction 
Some restaurants offer crayons to little ones, but prepare for the worst. Never expect a relative or a restaurant to have toys to entertain your kids! Keep a small bag with special items just for restaurant use. Include small cars, magnetic writing boards like a Magnadoodle, board books or tiny plastic figures. A box of crayons is also a good distraction; just make sure they are the washable kind. You don't want the kids drawing their version of a Picasso on Aunt Edna's heirloom table cloth! 

A little preparation can keep toddler twins entertained and satisfied while eating on the go, and parents will be happy to enjoy a meal without worrying about their double duo.

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