Monday, September 10, 2012

Fair Days

We went to our local country fair this weekend, and guess what? I won a ribbon! And so did Big Girl! And so did Hubby! Ribbons all around for everyone!

My husband has entered his photography for years, and won several ribbons. Big Girl has entered the youth photography contest for a few years now, and also has a few ribbons, including a Best of Show ribbon. This year, I decided to throw a few of my snapshots in the "fair" category, where you enter pictures of last year's fair. The entry fee is $8, which also gives you admission to the fair for the entire weekend. We always go anyway, so I figured it would just be fun to enter. I entered a few, but it was the shot below with all the clouds that landed a prize.

And guess what? In addition to my second-place red ribbon, I won $8! I thought that was kind of funny.

Hubby got several ribbons, including a first-place blue ribbon:

Big Girl got a second-place ribbon and a fourth-place one. Here she is, posing with her second place winner in the Still Life category:

We are proud of Big Girl for her ribbons, particularly since her fourth-place was in the black-and-white snapshots category, which is for all ages, including adults.

Hubby has a zillion ribbons now, and I am never sure how to display them. I have them in my office hanging on the side of a wire organizer. I should find some crafty way to display them, but I'm never sure. I'd like to do something on the wall next to the stairs going down to the basement and the family room. Another project to tackle!

We went to the fair early Saturday morning, which has now become our annual routine. It's much less crowded early in the morning, which is what I love. I am not a crowd person, and neither is my husband. At 8:45 a.m., it was fairly quiet and mostly empty. Rain was expected midday, so I'm sure that contributed to people staying away until the weather cleared.

We walked around and looked at all the displays and entries. Pretty flowers:

Gigantic pumpkins!

Ma Ingalls' stove! :)

And dozens and dozens of tractors:

Don't you just love fairs? To me, this fair always signals the start of fall. I love looking at all the agricultural displays, the canned goods, the pies, the produce. It's lovely to celebrate old-fashioned talents that are showcased at the fair when most people just seemed to be connected to technology all day, every day.

We didn't leave with any "souvenirs" -- so much of the fair shopping was disappointingly junky. (However, I was totally in love with these shirts. I mean really in love! They are so cute. May have to order some for Christmas!) Of course, I couldn't leave without a bag of my absolute favorite kind of kettle corn:

I think this is my favorite booth at the fair. It's so adorable I want to live in it. And I love, love, love their kettle corn! Now I am not really a kettle corn fan. I like my popcorn buttery and salty. But there is just something about this particular stand's corn -- it's not TOO sweet, just right. And it has that homemade popped in oil taste. It's delicious. And kind of pricey. But it's my favorite fair treat.

Big Girl had a pretzel:

And the rest of us tried out the fried dough:

The twins enjoyed their time at the fair too, particularly seeing all the animals. We saw cows and chickens, ducks and rabbits, goats and sheep and horses and turkeys and so many other creatures.

By noon, the rain came -- and a tornado watch! -- but we were back home and munching on kettle corn!

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