Friday, September 28, 2012


If you knew me in real life, you would know that I have a major affinity for music, the music world, and everything connected to it. I have been writing about pop and rock music for 20-plus years.

Well, I have a new musical obsession. Meet Jake Shimabukuro. Ukelele player.

Yesterday I brought my Big Girl to her piano lesson in a local music shop. She was looking at the ukeleles and telling me how her school music teacher would be teaching her how to play one sometime this year in class. And how she wanted one of her very own.

Well, they are not that expensive, so I mentioned it to her music teacher. And her music teacher, who is a friend of mine, gave me advice on which kind to buy and showed me this video of Shimabukuro, who is considered the best of the best.

I saw that and was hooked. I think I've watched a dozen of his videos on YouTube. He is just amazing. Incredible. Who knew you could do this on a ukelele?

He is so awesome! I hope this music makes you smile today. That's what great music is supposed to do.

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