Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy "Big" Weekend

I can't believe it's Monday again! We had a busy weekend. On Saturday I took to the kids to our town's fall festival.

We only spent the morning there, which was just enough. A little shopping, a little browsing, a little visiting with the locals and a little something to eat.

On Sunday, we headed north to The Big E! New Englanders know that The Big E is our biggest fair. It's in Massachusetts, and celebrates all the New England States. It's your typical large fair -- many vendors, agricultural and crafts exhibits, animals, amusements, rides, shows and, of course, lots of food!

When my husband mentioned that he wanted the family to go on Sunday, I did what I always do: I headed to the Internet for some quick research! I know they have special "days" where they honor organizations, states, etc. And it turned out that Sunday just so happened to be Girl Scout Day! All scouts in uniform would be admitted free of charge. So Big Girl got her vest, and I put on my GS leader pins, and they let both of us through the gates for free -- saving my family $25. (The twins were free because they are little; my husband was the only person who had to pay admission.)

At The Big E, they have special buildings dedicated to the New England states; they are all lined up in the photo below...

Of course, we had to stop in Vermont for some flatbread! It's one of our favorite things on our Vermont vacations so it was a treat to stop here and have some for lunch.

The Connecticut building had our favorite family toy:

Of course he's hold a famous Frankie's hot dog (at least I think he is)... We love our Frankie's here in CT!

Did you know that the American LEGO headquarters are in Enfield, Conn.? I wish they had a visitor's center or even a LEGO store. Believe it or not, there is not one LEGO shop in CT. Such a shame. I would shop there!

We walked around to try and see everything, but it's basically impossible. There is so much to see, and since it was a Sunday, it was very crowded. But we managed, and the twins -- despite waking up at 5:30 a.m. that morning! -- held out. Buddy Twin actually fell asleep in the stroller for a long time; Bunny Twin just zoned out and watched the action. My hubby and Big Girl tried a few rides; we looked at some displays and had some fair treats.

By mid-afternoon, we were ready to go home, but not after checking out this:

Well, let's just call Paula Deen and have a party! It's a butter sculpture! And in case you were wondering:

That's a lot of butter :)

I'm all faired out now. We've been to three fairs in two weeks. So today, it's back to the grind. I have mountains of laundry, work assignments to do and an overgrown yard that needs some sprucing up for fall. Over the weekend I took out some fall decorations; I am totally ready to go pumpkin and apple picking! Enjoy your day!

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