Friday, September 14, 2012

This MoM Can't Live Without: My K-Cup


I love my coffee. I look forward to my first cup of coffee every morning, and with the cooler months coming, I look forward to it even more. I probably drink too much of the caffeinated stuff; I try to stick to no more than three mugs of my favorite drink daily. We have a Keurig, and my three cups, plus my husband's occassional brewings, can cost a lot when you are using K-cups.

For a long time now I have been using My K-Cup, a reusuable coffee filter/K-cup that you can fill with any ground coffee. The accessory came with my first Keurig and I have found that it definitely saves me a lot of money. I am really the one person who uses it: My husband likes the convenience of the regular pre-packaged K-cups, which I also keep on hand for visitors. But if it's just me, home alone, I'm refilling My K-Cup! (Or if I make coffee for my husband, I use it too -- every little cent counts!)

My K-Cup is basically three pieces: a tiny resuable coffee filter where you put the ground coffee, a grey plastic cone which you put the filter in, and a round top that screws on and holds it all together. It obviously require more effort to use: You must put coffee in it, and therefore you must empty the used grounds out. But the few seconds that it takes to use this is a big money saver for a MoM on a budget like me. And clearly it must be better for the environment since you are not throwing out all the plastic cups every time you make coffee.

Before you use the K-Cup, you need to pop out the piece with the triangle in the photo below:

Now your brewer will look like this:

Fill up your K-cup filter:

Put the filter in the grey cylinder, add the top and set it in the hole in your brewer:

Now, just close the coffee maker and brew away:

See the coffee above? I love it! I'm sure many of you out there in Internet land like Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee too, otherwise it would not be hyped at every coffee shop from Starbucks to Dunkin Donuts. I was in Target the other day, and I had the box of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-cups in my hand ($10.50-ish for 18 cups) when I spotted the bag of coffee for only $6-ish. The bag of coffee will last much longer than 18 K-cups.

I've been using my Pumpkin Spice coffee with this creamer:

It's the Aldi version of liquid coffee creamer like Coffeemate or International Delight. It's a giant bottle and it costs under $2. I add a little of this to my black coffee (no sugar) and it tastes as good as any Starbucks fancy coffee drink.

See? Even you are at home, on a major budget like me, you can still have a little treat.

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