Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Favorite Gadget!

That's my Nook Color under that green leather cover.
The best present my husband ever gave me -- other than my children! -- was my Nook Color. I just love this gadget! I got it for Christmas, in 2010, and I love it.

I used to call it my "poor man's iPad," since several of my friends got iPads around that time, and the Nook Color is basically a tablet with a less expensive price tag. That said, I sometimes think I like it better than an iPad. It's small, it fits in my purse, and I can surf the Web, read a book, play a game, etc., with it. It's such a fun little gadget that I've used more than any other gadget I've ever gotten in my life. And my husband is a gadget person, so I've gotten various gadgets that haven't been used as much.

I thought it was funny when such a hullabaloo errupted when the Kindle Fire came out -- it was basically the same thing as a Nook Color. Both are e-readers/tablets. But one is made by Barnes & Noble, the other by giant Amazon, therefore the latter got hype like nothing existed prior.

Although I still like to own real books, I don't mind reading books on my Nook either -- especially books that I know I might not read again. My own complaint re: Nook books (and Kindle books too, when researching) is the price. I know we are paying for the intellectual property (the words and ideas) of the book -- and as a writer, I respect that -- it just seems that if you are buying a book and not getting a hard copy of it, it should be cheaper than the hard copy.

I have found a lot of free Nook books. And offers for free Nook books on Fridays. Some are not exactly enticing, but they are free to load on your device for when you are searching for something new.

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  1. I have the Nook Color too and really like it. I have found a few books for only $2.99 & $3.99 - one I just finished is by Elin Hilderbrand (The Castaways - it was $2.99) so if you like her you might check to see if it's still that price - not sure if it was a 'sale' or it's going to be that price forever. I haven't really seen anything free that I want to read- maybe one day!

    I was thinking about the prices though - New books that are only out in hardback are $25 or so but they're still $12 or $14 on the Nook so I like that- if you bought the hardback it would be more. If you're not a hardback person & I'm not - I usually wait for paperback - then it is hard to swallow. So I guess it's cheaper to be on the cutting edge with the Nook!

    Have you used the 'lend me' program yet? I haven't. Our library also now has e-books but I haven't looked into that.