Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baking Some "Treats"

Polymer clay pie slices!
On Sunday, Big Girl and I had a mother-daughter crafting date. Her piano teacher had told us about these videos on You Tube which demonstrate how to make mini food out of polymer clay. Well, Big Girl and I took one look at those videos and we were hooked.

Last week, polymer clay was 40 percent off at Michaels so we knew that was a sign to go get our supplies. She picked out two different things to make and we headed out to get our clay.

On Sunday, with the twins in the rooms for a nap and my husband out golfing, we sat down and unwrapped our clay packages and got to work. We had so much fun that 3 hours passed by in the blink-of-an-eye!

Big Girl making "cherry pie filling."
We first tried our hand at mini pie slices: cherry, blueberry and apple. Of course, we could not get it to look as good as the video, but I think they can out pretty cute. Big Girl is having her birthday party this weekend, and wants to make some blueberry slices as charms for her friends for party favors. (Blueberry because her party is Greek mythology/Percy Jackson based, and if you know anything about the Percy Jackson books, his mom always made him blue food for special occasions.)

I only mastered one apple pie slice, but I plan on trying to make more. My favorite is the cherry, because cherry pie is so cute, right?

I'm embedding the tutorial from YouTube below. The artist is Toni Ellison, and her work is amazing. She is what I consider a generous artist, since she shares so many of her secrets in these wonderful tutorials.

Big Girl also wanted to make the lemonade drink from the Starbucks tutorial. I worked on this one while she worked on her blueberry pies. Oddly enough, the "lemonade" is actually glow-in-the-dark clay! Here's a really bad pic of our finished drinks, complete with Starbucks logo, ice cubes on top and a green straw:

Blurry pic of our Starbucks lemonade charms...

I just couldn't get a good pic. They are definitely not as good as Toni Ellison's version, but they are cute none-the-less!

Here's the video for the lemonade as well as several Starbucks drinks:

This was such a fun project. We would like to make several more things we've seen on YouTube... Being a coffee drinker, I would love to make the coffee. We also want to try the pop tarts, cakes, ice creams... They are all so cute! We will likely use some in our dollhouse, and larger versions would make really good American Girl food. You can add the eye hooks to make charms like we did for some of them, and turn them into necklaces, earrings, or even create a charm bracelet.

(I'm actually thinking ahead to Christmas... Um, did I just say that? :) But seriously, how cute would one of those Starbucks charms be, when packaged with a $5 Starbucks gift card? So cute!)

And the best part about our Sunday afternoon craft project? Spending quality time with my daughter.

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