Thursday, July 26, 2012


Happy Birthday to my biggest girl!

I cannot say how happy this little girl has made me in my life. She made me a mom and she made us a family. She has been such a joy to watch grow, a joy to parent, a joy to my life... I am always amazed at how good and kind her heart is... How smart she is and how she always is excited to learn... How she always truly wants to do the right thing... What a loving, wonderful big sister she is after being an only child for so long and surviving the chaos that is twin siblings... What a great sense of humor she has and what an old soul she is... How she still wants to be a "kid" and play and enjoy life, yet she knows when to behave when needed... She makes it easy to be a parent.

We love you so much.

Now please stop growing up!


  1. I hope she has a Happy, Happy Birthday! My daughter was 10 in January and it's kind of weird - where did all the time go? She is in between the little girl and preteen for sure - sometimes she's all grown up and sometimes she just wants to be little - I like the latter. :)

  2. Debra, I feel exactly the same... And my daughter is definitely still wanting to be a kid, which is OK with me!