Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hi!! Welcome!!!

Blast from the past, for readers old and new:
Big Girl reads to the twins on Dr. Suess' birthday in 2010.
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And if you are stopping by as a new reader, WELCOME! I'm so glad to meet you! I hope you stick around and come back for more. I try to post every weekday, and I'm always looking for advice on raising my multiples, so feel free to comment.

Here's a general question for anyone willing to bite: My twins are SO active and it's hard to get them to sit down and focus sometimes. And if they are misbehaving, it's hard to get them to focus on me telling them to stop what they are doing. They are very stubborn and determined! At this age, my older daughter would sit and color -- without running around and writing on the walls... Or she could actually handle sitting and watching a 30-minute TV show; it's hard to find anything that these two will focus on for more than a second.

Any advice, moms of many? How do you practice listening skills with your toddlers?

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