Friday, July 27, 2012

Berry Pickin'

Two-year-old expert berry pickers.

Every year we go blueberry picking at a berry farm in our town. We all enjoy the adventure. It's a very peaceful farm in the country, and it's fun do something very hands-on that yields a yummy treat.

Rows and rows and rows of blueberries!!!

It's easy to fill a bucket!
We are blueberry eaters in our house. The kids love blueberries and could eat them all day long. You might imagine what would happen when these treats are right at their fingertips...

Big Girl has been doing this since she was a tot!

It was prime picking time...

The twins had their own buckets to fill... although they filled their bellies instead!
It's amazing that my kids didn't blow up into a blueberry like Violet in "Willy Wonka." The twins sat in their wagon and "helped" by eating out of their own buckets. And came home with stained clothes and smeared faces.

They held up pretty well on the adventure, although they were definitely ready to go by the time we went home. I'm sure that wanted out of the wagon, but I knew if I unstrapped them they would have scurried off into the woods and into a berry-eatin' bear den before I could catch them.

So instead we curbed a whiny moment by visiting the scarecrow.

Hi Mr. Scarecrow!

Returning our pails

And then we went home with our freshly-picked fruit... Are muffins in our future? :)

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