Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mom's Summer Reading

I don't have a lot of time to read. While my friends are devouring the "50 Shades" trilogy -- which doesn't appeal to me, in any way (and not because of the *ahem* sex, but the story itself) -- I was just hoping that I could read something this summer. It is hard to find the time to read anything of length anymore, with little ones buzzing around, and at night I'm just too tired to concentrate on words on a page without falling asleep!

I am a devoted reader of Sugar Pie Farmhouse and when Aunt Ruthie suggested this Fannie Flagg book, I was intrigued. And dowloaded it to my Nook immediately. We had a 5-day vacation looming, with no cable TV, and I thought it would give me time to read, possibly.

Now, I love to read. Books were the backbone of my youth. I have a master's in English lit. But like I said, finding time to read lately has been a challenge. And I have high standards now because my time is limited. It must suck me in. Must not be ridiculously unrealistic. Must not be depressing. And must make me happy. I am quite picky in my old age, when it comes to books. "Twilight" was not for me; I tried. And "50 Shades" just doesn't appeal to me.

So what does appeal to me? I will read just about anything by Alice Hoffman. And I loved, loved, loved "The Help." I love lighthearted things with quirky characters, and a small town feeling definitely adds to the charm. And I am often drawn to stories which take place in the South. This Fannie Flagg book seemed right up my alley. And it was!

"Standing in the Rainbow" was such a warm reminder the old days, of small towns, of family and neighbors and how simple things sometimes get so complicated as time goes on. It made me long for the past, in many ways, but it also reminded me of how I want life to be, too.
To say I loved this book was an understatement. I found any minute I could to read it. I loved it. And was sad when it ended. And looked up other related Fannie Flagg books to download when I got home. My next choice is this one. I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.

I'm thinking this may be a Fannie Flagg-sort-of-summer. I'm hoping to have the time to finish each and every one. How 'bout you?

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