Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two-Ingredient Muffins

I recently saw this muffin recipe on Pinterest and had to try it. It has two ingredients -- JUST TWO! Cake mix and a can of pumpkin.

I happened to have these ingredients on hand and mixed it up and baked away. (Here is the link to the oh-so-easy instructions.) It was actually not bad, not bad at all. I should have baked them slightly longer and put more batter in each one, but it turned out to be a decent muffin. And, I suspect, not high in fat and calories, because there is no eggs or oil.

They have a different texture, sort of like a smooth cake with a hint of pumpkin flavor. I'm sure I will make these in the fall because they were such an easy treat to whip up.

Here is a link for a chocolate version that apparently doesn't take like pumpkin, but just like a rich chocolate.

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