Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garden Harvest

The veggie garden season is in full swing now, with veggies ready to pick. Peapod Farm has hit a few road bumps this year -- my poor zucchini is not happy nor thriving, and neither are my peppers. My pickling cukes are almost done, but I have and continue to have a batch of green beans.

My tomatoes always seem to pull through and flourish, which is a blessing since we are a major tomato-eating family. I often laugh at the stories of canning tomatoes because ours would never make it to that stage. They disappear pretty quick because my husband and kids snack on them, or I make tomato/cucumber salad to have with dinner.

Next year, I think Peapod Farm is in for an overhaul. I need to buy some weed barrier to put down before I plant, and I might even move the entire thing because watering it is a pain in the neck. We'll see... Next spring is a long time away, and we still have the winter months to dream about gardens and plants and plans.

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