Friday, August 31, 2012

Saving Money on Kids' Birthday Parties

When planning my daughter's recent birthday party, I really wanted to make it special for her. What mom doesn't? But there was one catch: Lack of major funds. I decided I really had to stretch a buck to make her party special to her, yet not a drain on my wallet.

I'm sure many moms are in the same predicament, so I decided to try and put all my ideas into an article on saving money for kids' parties for my content on Yahoo Voices! network. You can read my tips here.

I had originally wanted to have my daughter's party outside of the home, but it would have cost nearly $300 to do so. This party was much more affordable, casual, and my daughter had a good time anyway.

Since the theme of her party was so unique -- Percy Jackson/mythology -- I had to create many ideas myself. I tried searching online for ideas, but they were few and far between. Read about how to have a mythology party in another Yahoo Voices! article I wrote at this link. 

I'm already thinking ahead to the twins' December birthday. I'm thinking about themes and ideas. Luckily we don't have the traditional two parties -- family and friend -- just yet. Just family. But I still want it to be special, and I'm already "pinning" away on Pinterest! You can find my boards on this link! Feel free to follow along. :)

Thanks for clicking on my Yahoo Voices! articles and reading them. I am truly trying to write content that helps out families and is useful. I appreciate each and every "click!" I hope my experiences help you all out in some small way.


  1. this is great.. I'm really looking for a cheap and affordable but awesome birthday party ideas.. thank you for sharing...

  2. Mostly, parents are confused because of the extra expense on birthday parties, but I hope after reading your blog, they can save their money and manage a good party.