Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My New "Voice"

Hi readers! I am now submitting articles to the Yahoo! Voices contributor network. This is a totally new and different sort of writing experience for me. I have written for newspapers for 20 years now, but writing for an online news site like Yahoo! Voices is much different.

I will be writing a lot more content in the next few months as I try and expand my web presence and see where this new avenue takes me. Frankly, right now this is sort of an experiment, a trial-and-error sort of thing. I have a list of ideas a mile long, many of which might overlap with posts here on my blog. The subjects include all the major upcoming events and celebrations, including back-to-school, Halloween and autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as some opinion pieces on thoughts I have swirling around in my head.

As of yesterday, I have five published articles under my name:
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I will let you know when new articles are published here or on The Peapod's Facebook page (come "like" it!). I'm also putting a few of the article links on this blog on the upper right side of the page.

Thank you! I promise you many enlightening features in the weeks to come!

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