Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aldi Update

I have been faithfully shopping at Aldi and finding more and more products that my family likes. I am trying to make my trips productive, buying more than one gallon of (hormone-free!) milk when I shop so I can make it to my next trip into the city without having to pay high milk prices at my local grocery store. It has been worth it, and from what I have read in the news recently, will continue to be, as grocery prices are expected to rise substantially in the coming months.

The number one bargain at Aldi, at least for me, is produce. Like I've said before, the number of products is small, but it is enough to allow us more fresh fruits and veggies in our diet. And it's all decent stuff -- brands I'm sure with which we are all familiar, like Chiquita and Driscoll's. And the prices just rock! The bananas above were 44 cents per pound -- I don't know about your family, but we go through bananas like crazy. Often three per day, one for each kid. I should buy stock in bananas.

I also love that Artisan Lettuce, especially at just $2 per pack. It is four little baby heads of fancy lettuce and it makes the best fancy salads. So yummy! And so cheap that I am eating more salad. Especially when topped with feta cheese that I found in Aldi's specialty food aisle. But that's not a bad thing, because I am eating more salad. Even with feta cheese, it prohibits me from eating nasty starches that I don't need all day long.

In other Aldi news, I tried going to the other Aldi near my home recently. It's newer than the one where I usually shop. The problem? It didn't have the same shopping carts. I need the shopping carts that seat two kids when I have the twins with me at Aldi. So I went right back in my car and went to the other Aldi.

I did make it back to this other Aldi with just Big Girl, but I have to say that despite being a "newer" store, it had less selection. I think I will stick to the older Aldi near my local Target from now on, even if there is construction on the road to get there, and it's not an easy trip.

However, our local news reported that 11 new Aldi stores are opening in Connecticut. I wonder where the next ones will be?

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