Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TWINS TUESDAYS: Little Freedoms

Spring 2011: 18 months-ish old
For a long time, we lived in a "gated community." As in gates blocking various areas of my home and/or blocking the twins in a certain space. It was the only way to survive. Multiples can be like a litter of puppies, full of energy and the ability to veer off in various directions. Keeping them contained can also contain your sanity!

We have two sets of these Superyard gates and they have gotten -- and still get -- their use. After we took the babies out of the gates, we used to them to block them in a room -- the living room. Then we used them to block off the stairs and the dining room, giving them the freedom of the kitchen/living room areas. A few weeks ago, I unblocked the stairs. Last week, I unblocked the dining room, not for them, but for the sheer fact I couldn't take it anymore. Right now, the gates continue to block the electronics under the TV (although it doesn't stop them from touching them; it's really just a mental barrier) as well as Big Girl's piano keyboard in the dining room and the dollhouse (although they are attempting to get past these as well).

I am trying to give the twins their freedom. To let them get over being contained and get all of it out of their system as we teach them what is off limits. It is definitely a test, a trying process. These little ones just want to go exactly where they can't. It definitely tests Mommy's patience sometimes.

I don't know if it's a twin thing or not, but I never had this issue with Big Girl. I put up a gate, and she looked at it and respected it. These two push the limits of everything. Big Girl was told not to touch something and didn't. These two? Well that just means "Go for it! And let's work together!" 

I'm not sure I have much advice about this issue. I'm more just putting it out there, to let other moms of multiples know that you are not alone! 

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