Friday, November 2, 2012

The End of Autumn

It's November now, the last days of fall are upon us. It's time clean up and hunker down for winter. Did you enjoy the leaves?

We certainly did. The twins are old enough to run around the front yard now without me worrying as much, although I have to be diligent about them heading toward our road. (We live on a corner and cars can drive fast.)

We enjoyed our leaves many times.. In fact, as soon as we get home, and get out of the car, the twins think it's good to take a quick run around the tree through the leaves. Most days, I let them!

And I have to say the squirrels enjoyed themselves too, eating our pumpkins before Halloween:

They totally gutted all three of our pumpkins. It was amusing to see them sit on top and spew pumpkin seeds eveywhere. And it was kind of disgusting, actually, too. I'm sure they are all fattened up for winter now.

We also enjoyed our fall sparkle and shine inside out house too:

I'm actually ready to move on from fall. Usually I'm a stickler for keeping things fall-ish through Thanksgiving. To me, Thanksgiving needs to be honored with harvest displays, not Christmas displays, but that seems to be a dying concept in our modern world.

Starting next week, I think it's time for holiday prep (note that I said "prep," not holiday decorations!). I think that it's time to start getting plans and shopping and cleaning done with due diligence so I don't have a crazy December. How 'bout you? Tune in next week.

And don't forget that Tuesday is Election Day! Big Girl voted her school's mock election recently:

Make time to do your civic duty Tuesday! And have a great, fun weekend.

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  1. I plan to take my Halloween down this weekend and I'm not quite ready to get out Christmas even though I feel like it would be the efficient thing to do. I keep out anything that is more fallish than spooky as I like a little harvest, too. I miss leaves. :)