Friday, November 9, 2012

Holidays on the Brain

I feel like my calendar and to do list is a mile long, and I've got holidays on the brain! I thought it would be good to share a bunch of links today related to getting ready for the late December crunch.

First, I have been writing up a storm for Yahoo! Voices:

You can find all those holiday stories on the individual links. I hope they are helpful to you!

One of my favorite sites is Organized Christmas -- they have so many great articles and ideas, and you can even print out a Christmas planner.

Here's another link for a Christmas planner:

It's a very cute one, isn't it? I have to make one of these, I think. I would love to keep my lists in something like this, as well as things like recipes for the Christmas cookies I make every holiday, and all the clippings of ideas and inspiration I seem to acquire!

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  1. I love Organized Christmas, too. I am in full Christmas mode right now and a planner would really be beneficial - can't keep it all in my head anymore. :) I have been enjoying your Yahoo articles.