Monday, December 3, 2012

O Christmas Tree

The tree is up!

Finally. It only took four days.

Life has been the usual crazy, but trying to decorate with two little ones is definitely a challenge. Couple that with the fact that I haven't been feeling great and there's no time at all. While I might normally do this task after the kids are in bed, I've been going to bed earlier myself, which leave little time for "extra" tasks like this!

I took the tree out Wednesday afternoon, when Big Girl was at her religion class and the twins were at my parents. I only had about an hour to get it out, figure out where to put it (I was hoping for a different spot this year, but alas, there was not enough room), and get it working. This is our second year with a faux tree, and I actually really like it. Don't get me wrong, I love real trees -- or shall I say I loved the process of going to get the real tree -- but after that moment of cutting down the tree, not so much. I don't like watering and the needles and the sap and the uncontrollable mess and my allergies. I do like the smell, however. I actually thinking of getting something pine-scented to put in the house right now just to please my husband who is the most upset that we don't have a real tree.

I think our fake tree looks pretty real -- it's the entire reason I chose it. Well that, and the fact it has 1,000 lights on it. I like lights, and I wasn't skimping if possible. Our fake tree is made by GE and I found it last year at Home Depot. If we use it for 5 years, it will pay for itself when I compare to what we paid each year for a real tree.

Bunny Twin in front of the mostly-undecorated tree last week.
She is my little firecracker!
(And see those branches? I swear they look pretty real.)
The tree was up and undecorated until the weekend. I started pulling out our holiday bins, and bit by bit, sifted quickly through them and pulled out the least breakable things I could find. My pretty, beloved glass ornament collection will remain in storage this year. I can't trust the twins to keep their hands off the tree this year, no matter how many reminders I give them. So I pulled every ornament I could find that would survive the Wonder Twins -- ornaments from our playroom tree, which will also remain in storage this year; ornaments that are made of felt, plastic, wood... Amazingly I was able to find enough to fill our tree adequately. (Which tells me one thing: I have WAY too many ornaments :) Instead of my beaded glass garlands -- which would definitely attract little hands! -- I sifted through the wrapping bin for some polka dot wired ribbon.

All in all, it's a more homespun look this year, with lots of red and white, but I actually really like it. And I'm not afraid that toddlers will destroy it.

Our holiday decorations are scaled down this year, but it's OK. It still looks festive here!


  1. Your tree looks beautiful - & real. Artificial trees have come a long way. :) We have used one for quite a while. Our first few years in AZ we got a real one but it's so try here and I was watering int 2-3 times a day. I'm happy we switched to an artificial one even though I do miss aspects of a real one.

  2. Debra, I totally agree. There is no "scent," but I'm thinking of getting these things called "Scentsicles" which you hang on the tree and give off the fragrance. Might be a good compromise!