Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holiday Countdown: Clothing!

The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! Now that November is officially here, it's time to get serious about the holidays! Thanksgiving is only two weeks away -- two weeks! I guess it's the earliest it could ever be.

I am really in the holiday mood now. This is a picture out my front door yesterday -- SNOW!! Yes, a little Nor'easter which was supposed to be not-so-bad turned into inches and inches of snow. Of course, it was a crazy day all around: My car wouldn't start. Couldn't get to the store for my supply of milk for the storm. Had to borrow my parents' car and head out into the insanity, then school got out early, and the twins were like two cooped-up wild animals. Fun day!!

So back to the holiday talk: Have you made your lists? Checked them twice? I still have shopping to do, but I'm only purchasing things when they are deals and when I have cash to get them -- trying not to charge a thing this holiday season if I can help it. I'd rather be chipping away at debt than adding to it right now, which is why money is so tight in this house. (And who knows what is going on with my car now :( Hoping it's just a dead battery. We will know more today after hubby gets a better look at it.)

I'm working on firming up my need-to-buy lists. The twins' December birthdays definitely add to the December economic hardship! If you ever have twins, don't have them in December -- like you can control that, right? Ha ha. I always used to say I didn't want a December baby and I ended up with two. Which just proves that you can't control life because I wouldn't trade my December babies for the world. They were the best Christmas presents ever. Even if some days right now they drive me absolutely nuts.

Back to the Christmas countdown.

So the first holiday chore I am working on is...

Possible Christmas Eve wear with a "navy" color theme:
Buddy Twin's polar bear sweater from last year
and a hand-me-down velvet dress from Big Girl for Bunny Twin.
I always want my kids to have cute outfits for holidays, and even if money is tight, I will still try to make sure they look their best. When Big Girl was an only child, I always bought special outfits for her holiday wear, but the budget doesn't allow for brand-new things for the holidays as much anymore.

Our holiday attire doesn't have to be fancy-schmancy, ruffles and pearls, but appropriately festive and neat. I've been cleaning out closets and drawers lately and weeding out warm weather items, especially since winter is officially upon us. While getting things in order, I decided to see what we have for the upcoming holiday season that will suit our needs for three special days: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Luckily, the twins are really in a good place as far as festive clothing. Buddy Twin has several sweaters, some of which I bought last year that will still fit, and a few I bought on clearance late last winter. I am so thankful that I have the sense to shop the clearance racks for the future sometimes!

Bunny Twin is also all set, with many things her grandmother purchased on sale, hand-me-downs from her big sister, and things I purchased on clearance last year, like an adorable candy cane dress from Gymboree.

The only thing Bunny Twin will need is a few sets of tights to wear with her little dresses. Knowing this now makes life easier, which is another reason it is good to weed through the clothing far in advance of the holidays. I can shop for the best deal on tights or whatever odds and ends I need to round out an outfit.

Big Girl was not in the same place as the little ones. She is always growing, so it is hard to have things fit more than one season. She needed at least one new holiday outfit or two. For this, festive-yet-practical is in order -- no fancy dresses, but more like sweater- or tunic-legging combination that can be worn for the rest of the colder season. My mother had expiring coupons for a few stores this week, including Justice, so a trip to the mall was in order.

Here are two holiday choices that came home in a Justice shopping bag:

Both have leggings to wear with them, so they are comfortable, which is important to my oldest. And they are her favorite colors. They are not too Christmas-y that they can't be worn the rest of the winter. And not too Justice-y. Sometimes I think their clothing is over the top and too sassy. Big Girl likes that store though, and I want her to have things to wear that she both likes yet are appropriate. (Why is Justice so expensive? They always have 40 percent off the entire store. I wish they would just make the prices lower and offer the the same 20 percent off coupons that you tack on the 40 percent discount anyway.)

Now that the closets are cleaned out and clothing decisions are made, I'm relieved that this is one area that I've already tackled. I'm moving on to firming up baking chore lists and ingredients to buy; finalizing the gift list; ordering Christmas cards; and planning the twins' birthday party. There is a lot to do in the next two months.

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