Friday, January 18, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

The Sandy Hook tragedy was a evil act for me, but also affirmed for me that goodness still exists in the world. The outpouring of support was, and is, a beautiful thing. Just look at the heavenly video above.

But it also affirmed for me that there are complete idiots in this world. The fact that there are select groups of individuals who think the entire thing was a conspiracy is almost as unfathomable as the fact that 26 people were shot in an elementary school that day.

I actually wrote a different post for today, a post written with anger regarding the conspiracy theorists. But I deleted it after letting it sit there and going back. Anger will solve nothing, and it's just fueling the idiocracy.

We need to come together, people! We need to discuss, not argue! As a member of the media, I often tense up when everyone blames the media for all this. It's not all the media; it's some media. There are interviews on TV right now that get everyone talking, which is good, but they also highlight and give light to the crazy agendas of certain people or groups.

So I'm just leaving you with this video today. This is a short post, and doesn't say much, but it's been a long week. I'm tired, and the world seems like a crazy place. I hope there is a beautiful place over some rainbow when we find some solutions for the messy world we are living in right now.

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