Monday, January 7, 2013

A "Little" Fun

In the days post-Sandy Hook, it was hard to be festive. But when you have kids, there's an obligation to not sink into a deep dark hole too much. One Sunday afternoon before Christmas, Big Girl and I were out and I decided to stop and show her a special exhibit I knew she would love.

The exhibit was titled "It's a Small, Small World: Dollhouses & Miniatures," and as you might imagine, it was so charming and adorable. The display was at the Gunn Memorial Historical Museum in Washington, Conn., which is very tiny. But the rooms and rooms of dollhouses and miniatures furniture and food and everything you might imagine was just the happiness we needed at the time. We marveled at all the little houses, some very old, and made mental notes of things we could do with our own dollhouse at home.

This photo below is a glimpse into one house that was set up as an 1880s general store. The details were amazing! This was Big Girl's favorite piece and she kept going back to peer inside:

The exhibit had houses that dated back two centuries, as well as modern houses decked out to the gills. For anyone who appreciates dollhouses -- as Big Girl and I do! -- it was just fascinating. We were drooling over all the lovely things.

This little cottage below was my favorite. It was larger than the 1/12-scale that most dollhouses are. (For those who don't know, 1/12 scale is "one foot in real life" equals "one inch in dollhouse life," bascially.) It was just so cute and adorable and Beatrix Potter-like, with little bunnies having a picnic. The house was placed on a wall with a mirror behind it so you can look inside and see all the cottage loveliness.

There still time to see this exhibit, if you are in the area. It will on display through Jan. 20. It's worth the trip!

I think I'll end this post with a pic of our dollhouse all dolled up for the holidays:

It's the time to take down the Christmas stuff and leave up the winter decor. Yesterday was Three Kings Day, or Little Christmas. The holiday is officially over. Now it's time for "winter" fun! Keep your snowmen decorations out for some cheer for the little ones!

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