Friday, January 4, 2013

Keeping the Spirit Alive

I refuse to take my Christmas tree down until the new year arrives. Ideally, I think it should be up until Jan. 6 -- Epiphany, or Little Christmas -- but at the very, very least, through New Year's Day. I insist the tree be up New Year's Eve, as the ball drops in Times Square. It's still Christmas at that moment.

Yesterday I took the tree down, and as much as I welcome the return to having the living room in order, I really miss the "festive" part. And the lights. There is nothing like watching TV at night with the little white lights shining.

We have a large TV armoire in our living room, and the top is decorated. I usually keep a string of white Christmas lights in this decor, with some floral/greenery, year round. This year I set our "Valentine Tree" up there.

I started the Valentine tree for the kids because it was so depressing taking the tree down. So we turned the little white tree into a Valentine tree, and today I continued that tradition, except it was set up high, out of prying toddlers hands.

So the holiday sparkle will continue for another holiday.

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