Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Books

We recently were expecting snow, so I decided that the twins needed a few "snow" stories for bedtime. I am a gal who likes a "theme," for sure! I scoured the bookshelves quickly and found this stash.
We have a bunch of books related to snow, snowmen and winter -- books that are not Christmas-related. I am one who doesn't say "boo hoo" to the snow season; January through March are some of the "warmest" months, in my opinion, because it means I have an excuse to spend time with my family; outside obligations are canceled and we are less distracted when the world is somewhat shut off. And I like to keep the house "cozy," as Big Girl calls it: When the Christmas decor is put away, the winter decor still stays up. It doesn't have to be stark and sterile in the home -- celebrate the entire season and leave some lights here or there, a stuffed snowman on a shelf and a snowflake item in plain view.
Snow-themed books fall into that wintry celebration. I thought I'd share a few of our favorites in this post today.
The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is new to our library; I didn't have it when Big Girl was tiny. The twins do like it a lot, so we have read it a few times. I love the illustration of the little boy making snow angels. So cute. Here's a great link to activities inspired by this book for tiny ones.
Welcome Winter is not a great book, but the little ones do like it. It has very little text, but is a sensory book with things to touch on each page, including "crinkly" snow -- that is Bunny Twin's favorite page and I often hear the snow crinkling over the baby monitor.
Katy and The Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton is a popular one in our bedtime ritual right now. I confess that I am so happy that the twins love this book! It is so adorable and vintage, with such retro illustrations that melt my heart. I would decorate a little boys room around the simple, sweet pictures of the tractor plow in this book. And the red/turquoise colors are just devine. Burton has written other wonderful classic books; my other favorite is titled The Little House.

Tomorrow, I will share another favorite snow book in a special post on Snow Days. I'm hoping a few of those are just around the corner.

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