Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Timely Things

Just some things running through my mind...

My town has its budget referendum today, when residents vote on the town and school budgets for the coming fiscal year... The outcome is so important for public education in our town... Crossing my fingers...

That TIME cover.
I have nothing against breastfeeding, but I'm not comfortable with that cover. Between the kid's age, the chair and the mother's pose, it definitely doesn't sit right with me.

Sister Wives.
Do you watch this show? The new season started on Sunday. I can't even fathom living in a polygamist marriage. But it is sort of fascinating and creepy at the same time.

Summer plans.
The calendar is filling up already, with trips and doctor's appointments and activities. Sometimes I would just rather lock the door and hibernate and pretend we went to Mars for eight weeks.

Toddler discipline.
The twins think "time out" is fun. Or funny. How do you engage a pair of two-year olds to understand punishment?

Yard work.
I have gardens to weed, gardens to edge, a sidewalk to also weed and a pile of mulch to spread. I need to buy some plants and create some privacy border. I need to move some rocks around. I need to fix up my veggie garden and plant it! Which brings me to...

Not enough hours in the day.
There are truly just not enough hours in the day lately. I always feel like I am fighting against the clock. I have a pile of books I want to read, but a pile of laundry to get done. I'm trying to teach the twins letters and colors, but I need to catch up on work assignments. And every day, the hour when Big Girl steps off the school bus seems to arrive faster and faster.

A new schedule.
Life needs a new "schedule." A new plan. I can't get more hours, but clearly I might need to rearrange the ones I have now!

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