Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Home Tour: Twins' Room

Vintage things on display -- sweaters made by family members for me & my brother;
and a white shirt sewn by hand by my great-grandmother for my grandfather.
Since I showed you Big Girl's room earlier this week, I thought I would show you a glimpse of the twins' room as well. The room is painted green, which is funny to me since the one book I've read to all my children every night faithfully is "Goodnight Moon" -- if you are familiar with it, it starts "In the great green room..." We didn't choose green because of that book, but merely because it was a neutral color and matched the bedding set I picked. I wanted something that wasn't a primary color, something soft and calming, and this green fit the bill. Big Girl's room was a very pale yellow when she was a baby, and I didn't want yellow either.

A room that is "just right" to fit everything needed -- for now!
The bedding I chose was pink with green for Bunny Twin, blue with green for Buddy Twin. It coordinated, but didn't match exactly. I loved it. I wasn't a set, but separates that I found at Babies 'R Us. It went on clearance very soon after I registered for it, but I was lucky enough to get the pieces I wanted. There was not a quilt with it, but who uses that quilt anyway, right? I bought two soft blankets that the twins still use every night. (You can see themn on the chair in the photo above.) The blankets, and one of the sheet options, had little elephants on it, but the rest was just patterns that coordinated together and looked vintage, which I loved. (You can see better photos of the bedding here in this post, where I debate trying to decorate for a boy/girl room.)

Big Girl's changing table, repurposed.
The bedding has been simplified since these photos were taken last year. The bumpers are now long gone. And I do have a disclaimer: These photos were shot prior to a little furniture rearranging. The active toddlers forced me to move the dresser from between their beds and put it next to the changing table. The walls are showing a little wear and tear from toys and books being bumped into them. The wicker rocker is now gone to give more room for playtime.

I'm glad I have these photos of what their first room really looked like -- I think photos of babies' rooms are so sweet because it brings back memories of planning for a little one and all the hope you have for him or her. Even if it's not an expensive, fancy room, you can tell when someone really cares about where their baby-to-be will end up. This room was full of hand-me-down things, but we tried to still give them a special space and I think it shows. All new babies should have a special space, shouldn't they?

A small bureau with deep drawers inherited from my grandparents.
Just enough room right now -- a drawer for everyday clothes for each twin,
and the top drawer holds odd keepsakes.
In the next year, this room will evolve. The babies will need beds soon -- the cribs can only contain them for so long, unfortunately. And with beds, we will likely have to rearrange again. I've been pinning many photos of "shared spaces" for boys and girls. And this room could really use a bigger bookshelf than the tiny one inherited from their older sister. New bedding will be needed -- I am always on the hunt for the perfect set to suit both of them.

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