Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Dreams

Today is my birthday. I actually forgot about it.

When my husband got up today, he said "Happy Birthday!" and I stopped. "Huh? Oh yeah. I forgot."

I'm getting shrubs for the yard for my birthday. Yes, shrubs. We are in desperate need of some form of privacy in our front yard, so we are planting some living things as a barrier.

Is this what happens when you get "old?" You forget your birthday and you get shrubs?

Life has been busy with spring things and necessities of life, so birthdays are second on the list, especially with a busy weekend of other things coming up. Tonight I will celebrate with some form of take-out for dinner and a watching a movie at home. No big celebrations because tomorrow is the 100th anniversary Girl Scout Jubiliee, which will be an all-day affair and I need to save up my energy. And eating at home at this point in life, with toddler twins, is actually easier than eating out.

What would the perfect birthday be for me? In my birthday dreams, I would be at Disney World with my family, strolling down Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Maybe enjoying a Mickey-shaped treat. and watching my kids run around with "ears" on their heads. Strolling through Fantasy Land. Watching Big Girl enjoy Splash Mountain. And walking around "the world" at Epcot at night. That would be the perfect birthday day.

I only went to Disney once -- while pregnant with the twins! -- and I was sold on its magic. I loved everything about that trip, and I would go there every year if I could.

A photo from my one -- and only -- Disney World trip, in 2009.
It was the best trip I've even taken with my family,
and I can't wait to go back. It was heaven on earth!
(Footnote: I don't like amusement parks. But I LOVED Disney!)
But another Disney trip is a little far in our future -- the twins are still a little young to keep up the pace. And I need to save up some cash to be able to shop on Main Street!

But a girl can dream, can't she? In the meantime, I'll just browse at :)

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