Monday, May 14, 2012


The twins play with their new bubbles.
The twins got a little treat from a trip to WalMart recently -- mini "No Spill" bubble tumblers. The little bubble holders really don't spill, even when they tip over. The little wands are just the right size for their hands and mouths.


Even though they haven't really mastered the art of "blowing" the bubbles, they do love taking the little wand in and out of the slot, and they both have their own tumbler, which wards off any fighting.

I'm trying to find little things to pass the time outside to keep these two active toddlers busy, and this was a big hit. And they were affordable -- under $2 each -- and completely refillable to make hours of fun.

I'm sprucing up our deck to make it fun for the little ones. A water table is likely the next purchase. We still have Big Girl's little kiddie pool, which I will use here as well, and I'm thinking of bringing the ole' turtle sandbox back up here too. Our deck is gated, which means it's a confined area, it's shaded a lot during the day from the house, and it's pretty big. My husband just put another layer of stain on it, and I'm planning on adding a rug. Hopefully we can enjoy a lot of time out here this summer and keep the mess outside the house!

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