Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review: Hello Twins

When the babies were born, my cousin gave this book -- Hello Twins by Charlotte Voake -- to us. It definitely fills one of my twin picture books requirements: Boy/girl twins!

The book is perfect for parents of fraternal twins, particularly boy/girl fraternals, as it definitely addresses the fact that each twin is an individual. Each set of pages points out the differences between the siblings: Eating, playing, drawing, etc. are all tackled different by each twin. The author, who is a twin, wrote the book about when she and her brother were little.

"My mother has lots of stories about the naughty things we did. When people heard we were twins, they expected us to be very much alike... Nothing could be further from the truth!" the author wrote on the book jacket. I'm sure many parents of twins can relate to her statement!

But in the end, however, different, they still love each other just the way they are, and clearly have a bond not shared by singleton siblings.

The book does not have a lot of text, but it's easy to read. The simple illustrations of the mischievous twins are very cute. It's published by Candlewick Press, the same publishing house that released the book Take Two! which I reviewed a few weeks ago.

You can find more reviews on books about twins on this blog at this link. If you have any favorite twin books, please leave a comment!

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