Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It is easy to write about how hard it is to be a mom of multiples. Double the trouble. Double the work. Double the mess.

But there is, truly, double the blessings. Double the fun. Having twins is, indeed, a joy.

I always wanted a "bigger" family. Maybe not Duggar-big, but big. But I also knew my personality, and if I was to have a bigger family, it would come with breaks in between. Maybe one kid every five years? (Ha!) That didn't happen. And that said, God has a different plan for us, doesn't he?

It is so much fun to share in the "fun" of little twins. They love each other. They miss each other. They tease each other, which is sometimes exhausting, but it can be funny. And they pine for each other. And they talk in their tiny little voices to each other, encouraging-bossing-supporting each other.

There is so much joy in that. Having two little ones the same exact age means they enjoy the magic of Christmas together, the joy of running in the grass barefoot together, the joy of holding hands together on the first day of kindergarten. They have each other, forever, to share in experiences, whether boy and boy, girl and girl, or boy and girl. They share something that few of us will ever know. They are always the exact same age. They shared a womb together! They have known each other longer than anyone on this earth has known them (except, maybe, me!).  And I am grateful they have each other.

And I am now truly grateful that Big Girl has the joy of having two -- TWO!! -- siblings. I thought she would never have one, and she has TWO. A brother AND a sister. There is so, so, so much joy in that. They will be her siblings forever, and I know -- I know! -- she will love them forever, despite a seven-year age difference.

Our family may not be Duggar-big, or Gosselin-big, but it is not small. It is big, a just-right big. It is full and it is full of love. Twins bring double the blessings, double the joy, double the fun. Moms are forever changed by twins, and I am one of those moms. I am proud of my pair, and I am proud of me for being able to handle it all. It is exciting to think of all that is to come.

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