Friday, February 8, 2013

Laura Week: Weather!

It's the last day of "Laura Week," and considering what's about to hit us later today here in the Northeast, I'd say it's a good day to crack open this Laura Ingalls Wilder book:
The Long Winter (Little House)

It's perfect reading for a blizzard! I think I'm going to re-read my ancient copy today. It's one of my favorites.

It's also a good day to check out the blog Wilder Weather. It's a blog devoted to the weather of the "Little House" books (and a few other things). There's a Facebook page for the blog as well. They are worth checking out.

I should also mention that "Little House" made the news this week! There was an article in national newspapers on how doctors researched Mary's blindness -- and Mary is Laura's sister, for you non-Laura fans -- and believe that it was not scarlet fever which caused her blindess. You can see the article here.

Today, when you have cabin fever, you can also spend some time sprucing up your little house. Whether you live in a log cabin or not, you can still feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder with some simple touches around your home.

Photo from an article on how to decorate like
"Little House in the Big Woods."

Break out the red-checked table cloth, rag rug, quilt and tin lanterns. Bake some bread and make some butter! Or try Laura's Gingerbread recipe. It was delicious.

And if you have not already, read my Yahoo! Voices story on my love for Laura here. Or browse my Laura and Little House Pinterest board here.

If you missed "Laura Week," you can find all posts related to Mrs. Wilder on this link.

Enjoy the blizzard, dear readers. Stay safe, and warm. 
See you on Monday!

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  1. Hi Kellie, thanks so much for the fun Laura week. I am a huge fan, too. I'm a bit sad my daughter doesn't have the same love for it that I do - maybe one day. I am even inspired to go back and read the books. And I plan to make that gingerbread, hopefully this weekend. Stay safe a& warm. :)