Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laura Week: Celebrate!

Laura's birthday is tomorrow! Party!

I want a pioneer party for my birthday. Big Girl has not requested one yet, nor have I been able to convince her. Her Laura reading is usually in the winter, which means by the time her summer birthday rolls around she wants something different.

But nonetheless, I keep pinning pioneer parties. So I will share my links, which are plentiful on my Laura and Little House Pinterest board. (This is just a "linky" post, so I apologize... But everyone else has such great ideas!)

I think this one is my favorite:

This one is also a big favorite:

(The Homespun Heart is a favorite blog of mine -- I read it every morning. Monica is so inspiring!! And she is a Little House fan.)

This is an adorable party that used a lot of Holly Hobbie elements -- remember her?

Here's a cute party with a really adorable covered wagon cake:

Source: via Kellie on Pinterest

This one had a ton of "faux" things that made it real:

And if you need a gift for a Laura fan, how about this:

Source: via Kellie on Pinterest

Or this:

I know, so cute.

Pioneer parties are adorable. I still have hope that Bunny Twin will want one in the future! If not, I may just have one for all the little girls in my life with no special occasion to celebrate, other than loving Laura.

Tomorrow is Laura's birthday! Look for a post on some special cake to celebrate.

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