Friday, February 1, 2013

Recipe: Kielbasa and Potatoes

I had kielbasa on my menu plan the other night, but I wanted to try something new. I looked up a few recipes, and came across this one.

It was so easy! Just four ingredients: potatoes, kielbasa, onion soup mix and canola oil (NOTE: I cut back a little on the oil from the recipe). And it's oven baked, so once it's mixed together, you just let it cook without having to stand over the stove.

I pulled out my favorite frozen green beans from Aldi as a side dish (cooked in a little oil and garlic), as well as some applesauce. It was snowy night, and I was thinking comfort food.

It was really, really good. All the kids seemed to like, especially Bunny Twin. Hubby liked it as well, so it's going into the rotation. The "easy" factor is huge with me -- I have a hard time standing over a stove cooking at dinner time with kids at my feet. This doesn't require much hands-on effort at the last minute, which was great!

I'm even considering making this at Easter -- kielbasa and potatoes are great for that holiday meal.

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  1. That looks good - I have kielbasa in the freezer now and I always serve it in a bun - like a hot dog. This is much more exciting. :)