Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This MoM Can't Live Without: Bumkins Junior Bib

Buddy Twin in his new bib!
My twins are slobs when they eat. The food just seems to get everywhere. And they like sloppy stuff, like yogurt, and ketchup, and tomato sauce. I am constantly dealing with food on clothes, and stains. I insist that the twins wear bibs, but they like to pull them off, so I put them back on, and they pull them off, and it goes on and on. And even when they have them on, food lands on their lap, or anywhere that bib is not covering them.

So I decided I needed a new plan of attack for keeping our clothes stain-free and the slopfest at bay. I recently invested in new bibs for the kids: Bumkins Junior Bibs. They are not inexpensive ($10 ea. at Babies 'R Us) but they are worth it. (I did use a 20-percent-off coupon on one of them.)

The bibs have short sleeves, and velcro closure behind the neck. The sleeves seem to prohibit the kids from pulling them off their neck, which is such a blessing. And they are longer, covering their entire fronts, into their laps, catching drips and drops and crumbs.

Bunny Twin is smiling in her new bib!
I used these at every meal for more than a week, and they have made a huge difference. They are easy to clean. The kids don't seem to mind putting them on and keeping them on.

Needless to say, I'm throwing out all their old, worn-out bibs. I plan on getting another pair of these for them. Babies 'R Us only had pink and blue in stock, but the Bumkins web site has other patterns available.

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