Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This MoM Can't Live Without: Baby Trend Navigator

Our jogging stroller gets used regularly!
Twins and stroller sagas go hand in hand, don't they? I told you previously about our double stroller, the Graco Quattro Tour Duo, that we purchased for the infant carriers and beyond. It is still my "everyday" stroller more than 2 years later. We knew when the kids were quite small, however, that we would want something for outdoors, for walking, for events on the grass like fairs and picnics and farmer's markets, etc. We had a jogging stroller for Big Girl and I loved using it for walks outside.

Strollers are an important part of being a twin mom -- at least they were an important thing to me. I knew I needed the kids to sit in a stroller because holding them or letting them explore when I'm alone is practically impossible. So we began our search for an affordable "extra" stroller -- a jogger that we would get our use out of as they grew.

We settled on the Baby Trend Navigator from Toys 'R' Us/Babies 'R' Us and I am really happy with it! It cost under $200, which is definitely a plus. A lot of people I know covet the Bob Strollers but they have such a massive price tag that I question if it's worth it. I know that we have been perfectly happy with this one. (NOTE: I do not jog or run, however. But we do walk with it. And use it on grass often.)

The Navigator is great for many reasons:

1. It has a tray for each child! Great for snacks when you are at events and you want the kids to have their own little place for snacks and to put a drink.

2. It has single operating canopies -- each child gets their own shade if he or she wants it.

3. Two cupholders for Mom! (Or a place to hold a drink for each twin until you want to give it to them :)

4. iPod speakers built in the top! Great for walking if mom or kids want music.

5. Two front wheels makes it more stable.

6. Storage underneath (although the compartment is not one big one, but two big ones. Sometimes a pro and sometimes a con).

7. It is super light to push, even with two toddlers in it.

The only cons I can come up with for the stroller is that it is quite large, but what twin stroller isn't, right? It is supposed to be as wide as a standard wheelchair, which means it can fit through handicapped doors, but I question if it's wider than a wheelchair. We've had some close squeeze when we've had to go through doors, but it's worked so far. We mostly use it outdoors, but we often take it on vacation and we did visit an aquarium on vacation where it "just" fit in a door.

The stroller folds in half, but but the width remains the same when it's folded. I have no trouble fitting into my Honda Pilot's trunk, but I doubt it would fit into a sedan trunk easily. It's also awkward to pick up into the trunk but I can manage. When we go on vacation, we stand it on its side and take off the front wheels to fit in luggage and pack'n'plays, etc., in the trunk.

We are very grateful to have this stroller as a second option for our family, and I don't regret this purchase one bit!

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