Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review: "Bathtime for Twins" & "Playtime for Twins"

Two new twins books are out! And they're BOARD BOOKS! I was so excited to see these books when I searched on They were not out yet, so I requested review copies from Simon & Schuster to I can share them with you!

Why am I so excited for board books? Well, the twins are 2 and 1/2, so board books are something they can look at without destroying quickly. (I say quickly because if I leave them alone with board books in their cribs, they sometimes tear them apart :) These are even sturdier than most board books; they are made really well and solid and easy for little fingers to turn the pages.

The twins grabbed the books right out of my hands sat down to look at them!
Now, on to the books! Both books -- Playtime for Twins and Bathtime for Twins -- are written by Ellen Weiss and illustrated by Sam Williams. Both books have sing-song, rhyming text which is perfect to read to little ears. The words tell the mischievous side to multiples, as well as end with the bond a pair always shares.

From "Bathtime for Twins"
Williams' illustrations are very cute, and sort of gender generic -- I can't really tell if they are supposed to be two boys, or a boy and a girl. Weiss and Williams are experts with twins books -- the pair also teamed up for a few Ready-to-Read books about twins (one is Twins in the Park).

From "Playtime for Twins"

Both books are perfect for toddlers' bedtime stories or just to add to the book basket. This set would also be a great addition to a baby shower gift for a future MoM. They are already favorites in this house.

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