Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This MoM Can't Live Without: Superyard XT Gate

My living room, with twins. Early 2011.
For many months, we lived in a gated community. As in baby-gated community.

Any MoM will tell you that once the babies are able to crawl or walk, it gets a little crazy. No matter how hard you babyproof, it's pretty hard to keep the little ones safe when there is only one mom and multiple babies who like to travel in opposite directions.

Enter the Superyard XT Gate. Times 2. I was lucky to get this gate from my parents, who had bought it as a puppy pen. And then we bought another gate set and made it even bigger. And basically it was in my living room for months, and months, and months, giving the twins a safe place to play.

The twins were totally not like Big Girl, and liked to crawl their way into trouble. This gate worked on containing them for a very long time. A very long time. A few toys, the gate and Nick Jr. and I was OK for a while. Until they learned, through teamwork, to push it around and pull it up and crawl under it and escape. That was end of the gated pen.

But that said, I still use this gate, in a different reincarnation. I have one piece tied to block the stairs and another to block off the dining room, which is the only room on the main floor where I can keep stuff out of the twins reach, like the garbage can and the pet frogs! The gate has been one of the best investments in our lives, and continues to be. (And likely will continue being useful when we get another puppy in our family :)

If you have twins, or are having twins, be sure to pick this up or put not only one, but two, on your baby registry!

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  1. Another great, great story Kellie. Thanks for shaing. If I ever have twins, now I know what to do