Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last-minute Easter ideas

A few of my Easter decorations

Easter is just a few days away, but there's still time to pull off the best Easter ever. Don't let time stop you from creating a little fun for your family. And fun doesn't really have to cost much.

If you have last-minute Easter basket shopping to do, don't forget to check out these recent posts: Easter baskets for little kids and Easter baskets for big kids.

If you need a cute little decoration to store your dyed eggs in, why not check out this tutorial on a paper bag Easter basket? It's adorable and frugal.

Source: via Kellie on Pinterest

If you need a cute Easter dessert or hostess gift, try Jelly Bean Bark -- simple and easy and pretty and cute. For a little gift, package in cellophone bags with some ribbon. You can even store it the paper bag basket from the above photo.

Here's another version, called Bunny Cookie Bark, with different ingredients, but same concept:

Both involve just melting chocolate, adding some yummy ingredients and letting the chocolate re-solidify in the fridge.

Keep the kids at the Easter gathering happy with Jelly Bean Bingo. (A free printable.)

Jelly Bean Bingo! Great kids game for Easter gathering.

Pull off an inexpensive and simple egg hunt by picking up plastic eggs at the dollar store. Stuff the plastic eggs with little treats (also available at the dollar store) or even loose change. Or get a jigsaw puzzle at the dollar store and put pieces of it in the eggs you hide. When the kids open all the eggs, they can put the puzzle together. (And it can keep them busy while you get the Easter dinner ready!)

Pick up some pre-made sugar cookie dough, bake cookies in holiday shapes or even plain round circles, and let the kids decorate with pre-made icing, sprinkles and other candies for a festive Easter dessert.

And then there is the annual favorite, PEEPS! If you want to know anything and everything about the treat, including find a whole bunch of recipes on what you can create with one, visit the PEEPS website.

If you want to give kids a lesson about the real meaning of Easter, several blogging moms always talk about this tradition -- making Ressurection Rolls. The rolls are basically crescent roll dough wrapped around a marshmallow, but when you bake them, the marshmallow melts and disappears -- like Jesus' body in the tomb. Learn about it at this link.

After Easter dinner, make your own Easter parade. Take a walk with the family, and if you are feeling adventurous, put on some hats, or Easter bonnets.
So that's it! Feel free to add some of your own ideas and links in the comments section.


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