Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Peas in My Pod

After I found out I was pregnant with twins and finally shared it with my family, my mother decided to give me a baby shower to help me out with all the extras I was going to need. Of course, we had to have a theme, and I really wanted the "Two Peas in a Pod" theme. Although the twin thing totally freaked me out, I also knew the experience of carrying, birthing and raising twins was going to be a totally special thing that not everyone experiences. "Two Peas in a Pod" celebrated that experience.

Ever since my baby shower, I have been obsessed with peapods. Especially those with two or three peas -- two for the twins, who were and are my "two peas in a pod," or three, for my three children. The peapod means so much to me that I named this blog after it.
These were the favors for my twin baby shower.
At the time of my baby shower, partyware was not available in the peapod theme. Now you can get it for showers or first birthdays pretty easily. My mother did have a cake made with peapod sugar cookies, and we had the candles show above as "thank you" favors as well.

My next peapod came in the form of a necklace:

My mom saw it, and my husband bought it, and I wear it often. (You can buy here.) I love it. It's beautiful, and different, and meaningful since it stands for all three of my children.

This winter I bought this necklace from Coldwater Creek -- I had to buy it, it had 3 peas! Although it's only costume, it cost more than I would normally spend (but I got with a discount and a coupon, of course). I do love it because it is different than my other one: The peapod is smaller, the metal is darker, the "peas" are off-white and the chain is longer -- a completely different look. Of course, I think I would justify buying a new peapod because it's just a peapod.

My obsession with the peapod theme continues through other things too -- I have peapod Christmas ornaments for the twins' Christmas tree in their room. I have two porcelein peapods that my mom got me -- one with 3 peas for the kids, one with 5 peas for the family (see top pic) -- that sit in a dish in my china cabinet. My littlest daughter has a "sweet pea" soft doll that has a peapod jacket.

And I have a wishlist with new peapods. I just saw this necklace...

Source: via Kellie on Pinterest

It's different than my others and I don't have a "green pea" necklace so I might have to add it to the collection! (You can get it here.)

The other thing on my wishlist is something that I always wanted, and never received or purchased:

It was on my holiday wishlist to my husband (hint, hint). And I once saw it in a store, but it was at Christmas, so I didn't buy it for myself. When I had some "pin money," I went back to get it, but it wasn't there. Now I'm seriously going to order it soon, because I so want this!! You can get it at here, at, which also has many other awesome twin things, as well as more peapod stuff.

Since I had my twins two years ago, the peapod theme has gotten more and more popular, as more and more sets of twins are born. You can get bedding for nurseries, stationary, and many other items with the peapod theme now.

I'm sure the peapod will continue to be a symbol in my life.
Do you have a special symbol in your life?

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