Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This MoM Can't Live Without: Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby Machine

When Big Sister (9-year-old daughter) was a baby, she had the little fish aquarium hooked to her crib. It played various sounds, including waves, and projected lights onto the ceiling.

When I had the twins, I wanted something similar, but knew that two cribs with two aquariums would be crazy -- both with sounds, and lights, and the cost of buying two of them -- those things are pretty expensive now! My nephew had this sound machine, so I set out to find it for my little ones. It's the HoMedics SoundSpa Lullaby machine.  Overall, I give it a mixed review, but read on to find out why.

Here's what it does: It plays sounds, including lullabies (which I don't care for) as well as ocean sounds (my favorite), rain sounds and heartbeat sounds. The minute my babies are in bed, I hit the button, and the waves start, and they know it's bedtime (not that it means they will sleep, however:) I did the same thing with my daughter, and she was an excellent sleeper -- both at night and at naps. The twins are not the best sleepers, but I like routine and I think it's good for kids.

The machine also has a projector in it, which allows you to project cute little rotating images on the ceiling or wall at night. There are three tiny discs (neatly hidden in the back of the machine) with three different themes: jungle, ocean and sheep/moon/stars (my favorite). They are very cute, and not at all scary. In my babies' room, there's a slanted wall above their cribs, so I projected the image on the wall. I found that the images were particularly helpful for Bunny, who has a harder time falling asleep.

I saw "were" helpful, because after about 4 months, the projector part stopped functioning completely. I contacted the company, who wanted me to send the unit back, but at the time I was so dependent on the wave sounds getting my kids to sleep, I couldn't send it back unless I bought another unit, which would defeat the purpose. So I just kept it and I still use it, 2 years later, as a sound machine. I guess the projector malfunctioning is a common issue, according to reviews on Amazon.com.

As far as fitting in with your decor, it's a very plain tiny machine -- About the size of a larger alarm clock -- so it fits just about anywhere on a table or bureau or dresser. It's not "baby-ish," which I kind of like because it blends in with the room.

The best part about it? The price. It's pretty cheap at $19.99, considering those new little aquarium toys run up to $50 each.

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