Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting My Green On

St. Patrick's Day is Saturday, and for Irish-Americans (and wannabe Irish-Americans), the blessing of March 17 falling on a weekend is a fun prospect.

I'm sure many will celebrate with a Guinness or a green beer, but some of us won't drink ourselves into  oblivion. If you are still scrambling to plan some fun to honor the Irish heritage this weekend, look no further than this post. (One of my goals with this blog is to offer up some ideas I find in my web surfing, so from time to time, I hope to put posts with a fun list of links to great ideas.)

So, here are several great links to get your Irish up...

Let's start with this:

The Shamrock Shake! Check out the copycat recipe here to make it at home. You can recreate the once-a-year McDonald's treat without having to leave your kitchen.

And on a side note... does anyone remember Uncle O'Grimacey??

You could also start a tradition with your little ones with having a leprechaun visit overnight: My oldest has woken up to silly little trinkets left on her bedroom floor -- chocolate coins, a tiny toy... Think green and think rainbow, like rainbow-colored twizzlers. Or have your leprechaun do a little mischief --  put green food dye in the toilet bowl, leave tiny green "footprints" on yesterday's newspaper, tint the milk for the morning bowl of Lucky charms green... All you over-achieveing Elf on the Shelf mommies can surely dream up something!

Of course, if there's time, have your little ones set a leprechaun trap on Friday before they go to bed. You can see some ideas here -- Family Fun magazine is alway is a great source of things to do with kids.

Maybe you'd like to celebrate your heritage with a special Irish gift, whether for yourself or a loved one. Head over to this link, Ogham Art, to see the most unique Irish gifts, decor and jewelry (I love this piece.) I have a pretty frame with my children's name written in the ancient Ogham alphabet. And if you ask, they will even design a tattoo for you!

Older children might want to hear the real story of who St. Patrick really was.

And if there's time, cram in some crafting. I always love a dollar store craft! Sustainably Chic Designs did a post on some crafty St. Patrick's Day decor created from Dollar Tree items.

Kids can also craft up some St. Patrick's Day cards for loved ones, with shamrocks and rainbows and leprechauns and pots of gold, but if you run out of time, check out this American Greetings link with a few free printable cards.

UPDATE: I also just saw a preview for this TV movie, "Chasing Leprechauns," which will air at 8 p.m. Saturday on the Hallmark channel. Looks like cute family entertainment. Check out the preview on the link.
As for me, I will celebrate with my own family, as well as visit my husband's family -- however, St. Patrick's Day for me also means something different. It was my grandfather's birthday, and he died just before my twins were born at the age of 90 years. So I always remember him on this day!

Enjoy your St. Pat's, and be safe!

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