Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Waiting to decorate gingerbread houses!
Last weekend, we ventured to my parents' house to make gingerbread houses. It's a tradition for Big Girl to make one with my mom every year, but this year we decided to pump it up and expand the tradition to the twins and their cousins.

The best kit to use is the one they sell at Costco by Make-A-Treat. It's so easy. We buy extra candy to decorate the houses. This year, my mom got two of those kits -- one for Big Girl and one for the oldest cousin -- and then she purchased a Wilton kit that had the pieces for several small houses. The twins decorated the tinier houses, since that was just their speed.

The twins' tiny houses.
It was definitely less calm than just Big Girl with her Grammy. The twins wanted to eat the candy once they realized there was so much in front of them.

Move over, Willy Wonka!
But we persevered and they turned out cute. It was fun to put a new twist on this tradition and expand it to the cousins as well. With two toddlers, it can be hard to do certain traditions, but don't be discouraged to try things out and twist their to suit your family. Eventually, the little ones get older and will be able to handle everything a little better, but they will always remember these fun times of their childhood!

Bunny Twin with her gingerbread creation.
Buddy Twin barely stopped moving so it was hard to capture him on film!
Another tradition of ours is driving around to see crazy holiday light displays. That's easy with twins, since you just strap them in car seats! We also watch many holiday movies, which have been introducing as well. I'm always looking for fun new traditions which don't break the bank and create fun memories. 

What traditions does your family celebrate each holiday season?

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