Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This MoM Can't Live Without: Sassy Formula Dispenser

In yesterday's post, I talk about my "feeding station." Let's just say that I could not live without one item in that station: The formula dispenser. Moms of Twins should give a big "thank you!" to Sassy for creating the formula dispenser on the left.

You see, not all formula dispensers are the same. The one on the right has three spaces for premeasured formula amounts. Sorry, Avent, but that's not enough!

When you have twins, and you need to pack to go out, and sometimes one bottle per baby is not enough -- you need to plan to have two bottles worth of food each. So 2 + 2 = 4, which means I need four spots for premeasured formula.

And Sassy offered me that! Thank you Sassy company! You made life as a Twin Mom easier!

UPCYCLE TIP: After the babies aren't drinking formula, use your formula dispensers for Cheerios or other little treats. Or store hair elastics, pocket change (a spot for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in the Sassy one), tiny craft supplies, Band Aids, Barbie doll shoes... If it's small, you can store it in it.

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  1. Hey Kellie,
    Glad to see you blogging again :0)
    Hope all is well with your little ones.

  2. Thank you Laurie Anne!! Everyone is well and growing!