Monday, February 6, 2012

This MoM Can't Live Without: Skip Hop Duo Double

Before the twins were born, my mother bought me a lovely Vera Bradley microfiber baby bag which she found on clearance. (Can you tell we are bargan hunters in my family?) I loved it, and still do, but it wasn't practical for a MoM who loves to overpack for every possible situation and scenario possible. Let's face it: Packing necessities for twins requires space. For an afternoon trip, you don't just have two bottles; you have four. You don't have one extra outfit, but two; not one blanket, but two; not a few diapers, but many. And so on and so on. I struggled with that VB diaper bag for nearly six months, trying to stuff everything I needed in it, when I finally caved and bought my dream bag: the Skip Hop Duo Double.

Again, I researched diaper bags to death. Sure, I love all the pretty ones out there, but I truly needed function. I needed space. Many MoMs recommended the Duo Double, so I had my eye on that. After much deliberation, and one outing that drove me batty because I couldn't fit the VB bag under the double jogger, I decided I would treat myself. (Re: not fitting a diaper bag under the stroller: The Skip Hop has stroller clips -- more on those later). The Skip Hop Duo Double retails for about $80; I found in on for $60 with free shipping. (Moms, always shop around, add in shipping costs, and do a search for online coupon codes before buying anything.)

When the bag arrived, I was thrilled. Yes, it was big, but it needs to be. It has many, many pockets, both inside and out, and I was able to fit a dozen diapers inside very easily, as well as extra outfits, various hygiene products, a whole large pack of wipes, bottles, etc. etc. AND I could easily zip it shut.

Perhaps the best part of the bag, beyond it's size and organizational qualities, is the straps. It has a shoulder strap that I can lengthen to carry cross body, or I can use the tote handles. And it has the patented "Shuttle Clips" which allow you to fasten it to the stroller handles. It says it will only work on a side-by-side, but you can fit it on my Graco tandem stroller as well.

As for style? I got the black one shown above, so it's plain and goes with anything. It doesn't show dirt, and it may not be a designer bag like a Coach or even my VB, but it's functional and very "neat" (as in orderly) looking. I've had the bag for more than a year now, and I'm more than pleased with it. It has gone to the mall and on vacation, to the beach and to the park. Now that the babies have progressed from bottles to sippy cups, it's still a good diaper bag, and I manage to keep everything contained in it.

They only change I might suggest is a brighter lining so you can spot everything better inside. But other than that, I am pretty happy. I'm so tempted to try another Skip Hop bag, especially now that I don't travel with as much baby stuff, or one I can use for short trips to the grocery store, but alas, it doesn't fit into the budget right now.

I'm sure I will use this bag for a very long time as the little ones grow and their needs change.

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